Strategically located tank terminals and state-of-the-art technologies are important assets, but it is our people who make the true difference. We continuously invest in the training and development of our employees, to improve their career possibilities and their dedication to LUKHOVITSKAYA’s strategic goals. All over the world our customers can count on the talent and commitment to service of dedicated professionals.

Effective per 1 January 2018, LUKHOVITSKAYA streamlined its divisional structure, resulting in a situation where the Group is comprised of five divisions instead of the current six. The five divisions are Europe & Africa, Asia & Middle East, China & North Asia, Americas and LNG.


We offers chemical storage tanks and containment basins in a vast array of sizes, shapes and capacities. Styles include cone bottom chemical tank, horizontal poly chemical storage tanks..

the company aims to become a leading global provider of dry bulk material handling by being the preferred service provider for mining companies, producers, refiners.

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Environmental Protection

Annually LUKHOVITSKAYA is for environmental protection and operation of environmental protection facilities spends about 2% of total current expenditures and capital investments in the enterprise.

LUKHOVITSKAYA  also invests heavily in upgrading process; sewage treatment plants enterprises to improve environmental safety and product information.

LUKHOVITSKAYA  chemical plant is located miles away from residential environment due to heavy negative pollution damage impact to the environment. The types of adverse impacts on the environment include:- air emissions of pollutants and other substances – discharge of pollutants and other substances and microorganisms in surface water, underground water and catchment areas